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The 7 Essential CV Upgrades: How to transform your first impression in 45 minutes or less (Obvious Candidate Job Search Acceleration Series Book 1)

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Created for committed job seekers who are sending CVs but getting no replies or interviews...

If you're job seeking, no doubt you'd rather invest your valuable time in preparing winning applications than reading long books on CV writing! That's why you'll find this concise action-focused "CV Repair Guide" so helpful.

After reading just a few pages you'll transform your understanding of what it takes to write an interview-winning CV. You'll instantly see where your CV is working against you and you'll be guided step-by-step through how to make the 7 highest impact changes that will immediately boost your chances of application success.

What's more, each of "The 7 Essential CV Upgrades" has quick tips you can apply in minutes, as well as more detailed advice you can use if you have more time. Either way, with this quick reference you'll spend less time reading books and more time on the important task of sending best-in-class applications.

Have you sent CVs and not had a reply?
You may be wondering, "Is my CV really that bad?"

Your CV and its Cover Letter are the first interaction you have with your prospective employer. Is your CV good enough? There's a simple test to find out. If you're sending your CV and failing to receive invitations to interview then your CV needs an upgrade.

In this quick-to-read, quick-to-implement guide, CV writing expert and creator of Obvious Candidate, Sam Waterfall reveals "The 7 Essential CV Upgrades" that will massively increase the strike-rate of your applications.

Stop wasting time! Sending out a less-than-perfect CV will not get you the interview. These 7 CV upgrades are tried, tested and proven. They've been used to transform the success of thousands of job searches since 2003 - from Fortune 500 C-Level and FTSE 100 Board Directors to graduates and students. They can make the difference for you too.

Inside this book you'll...
- Discover what key facts must be included in a door-opening CV profile.
- Find out the secret method to simply and effectively tailor your current CV for specific roles.
- Learn how to present your skills and areas of expertise for maximum impact.
- Find out how to edit your CV to highlight the facts hiring managers want to see
- Learn the simple steps you can take to make your current experience position you ahead of rival candidates.
- Understand why many people mistakenly include inappropriate content thinking it will help.
- Get a link to watch a free tutorial video where the author personally steps you through how to apply each of "The 7 Essential CV Upgrades."

Beyond explaining "The 7 Essential CV Upgrades", CV expert Sam Waterfall also explains the secret to successful applications, giving you the insider approach to tailoring your CV, Cover Letter and Interview answers.

Most importantly, these methods work...

“Amazing. Got the first job I applied for. Added £16,400 to my salary.”
Brand Manager, Kraft Foods UK

“I thought my CV was excellent. After 3 hours with Sam it was unrecognisable and got the job I wanted and increased my salary. Thank you.”
Senior Product Manager, L’Oreal Luxury Products, UK

If you are looking for your next role, don't send your next application without reading and applying "The 7 Essential CV Upgrades". Quite simply the most effective CV writing tips you will find. You can apply them in minutes but the impact and results will benefit you for a lifetime.

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